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Listen: Nobody wants to be stuck in the rat race. Heck, it was hard for me to even cut and paste that picture of fake rats...I certainly don't want to live like one and I don't WANT YOU TO LIVE LIKE ONE EITHER!

Hi! I’m Shaun King (the guy on the left struggling to stretch his arm out to take this selfie). That’s my wife and kids on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. We lived there earlier this year. It took me 34 years to escape the rat race and my new mission in life is to teach you how to join me.

This past January I started Life Goals University to help people blow the dust off of their dreams, shape those dreams into actionable goals and plans, and then go after them with reckless abandon. Life Goals University is a private, intense online coaching and training program designed to help you craft and pursue life goals HERE AND NOW. I've taught these practical, step by step lessons to over 50,000 men and women just like you.

On New Year's Day I hosted a free live web event (VIDEO BELOW) as a kickoff for Life Goals University and I was BLOWN AWAY when it became the #2 Trending Topic in the World on Twitter with over 35,000 people from 50+ countries registering to attend. One lesson was immediately clear to me...


After our live event, we allowed just 500 students from every walk of life imaginable to begin our inaugural class of Life Goals University (we call it LGU). For the first time in 7 months, we're about to open up a BRAND NEW class and this is my invitation for you to join us.

In the first month, I quickly felt like Shaun’s coaching was worth 10x what I paid for LGU!
— Tony G.

The #1 Secret to Achieving REAL Momentum in Your Life is to REMOVE & OVERCOME the 4 Most Common Roadblocks


4 Common Roadblocks Derail You Before You Even Get Started Pursuing Your Life Goals

1. You don't have a plan.

Architects craft blueprints before they start building. Teachers plan their lessons out before class begins. Surgeons strategize at great length before operating. Heck, most of us spend more time planning out what we're going to wear or what we're going to eat than we do HOW WE'RE GOING TO LIVE! I'm not trying to get all deep on you, but most people don't create audacious plans in life because it gives them the peace of mind that they've avoided failure. The truth is, though, that by failing to plan you may avoid failure, but you will also avoid success!!

When you graduate from LGU, you will do so with a customized strategic life map that will go (and grow) with you forever!


2. You think you don't have enough money.

Most of us think we can't afford to pursue our dreams, but the the truth is that NOT pursuing them is actually going to cost you WAY MORE over the course of your life!  And what I am about to say is SOOOOO KEY.... the first 3 steps of nearly every dream or goal are almost always free. Sadly, we talk ourselves out of our dreams by focusing on the potential cost of steps 4-10 instead of seeing the opportunities waiting for us in steps 1, 2, & 3!

In LGU we teach you how to use what you have to get where you want to go!


3. You think you don't have enough time.

I know you're busy - swamped even. You probably have people, places, and things pulling you in 10 million different directions. Your inbox is crazy. Your to-do list is insane. It feels like you hardly have enough time to eat, sleep, and work. How in the world could you find time to pursue your dreams and goals? The truth is that you have the same 24 hours a day to work with as Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, and Beyonce have had.

In LGU I teach you how to squeeze value out of every moment of every day and to get to the point where you are fully and completely in charge of telling your time what to do. You will never get more time - all you can do is learn how to use your time better!


4. Eight persistent fears paralyze you.

After all of my coaching across the years, I'm completely convinced that the best ideas in the world, be they for new businesses, charities, books, or products - the best ideas in the world far too often die a private death in the hearts and minds of men and women completely bound by fear. I have identified 8 common, persistent fears which plague people all over the world. You have at least one of them - probably more.

In LGU we take the time to help you proactively identify your fears and overcome them so that you will be fully unleashed to be your best self.


When You Overcome These 4 Roadblocks It Will Allow You To Develop The #1 Thing You Need To Achieve Your Life Goals...


Momentum = Forward progress in which you gain strength and speed in the pursuit of a clear goal. Without it, you feel stuck, stagnant, even frozen in time. A phenomenal idea without momentum stays stuck in idea stage.

The primary objective of Life Goals University is to help you learn the skills to blow past your roadblocks and guide you through the process of developing MOMENTUM in 7 key areas of your life.

Life Goals University is a private, intense, interactive online education and coaching program.

In it, I teach a close-knit community of students lessons by video, I answer your questions, and I give challenging action items each week to keep you moving forward.  Each week (7 days) = 1 module focused in on a well prepared curriculum that we will follow for 52 weeks. New lessons for each module are posted every Monday. You view and complete the lessons on your time and at your pace, but you are expected to complete each module and the corresponding action items within the span of a week. Each module should only take you 60-90 minutes to complete and can be done from any device with a strong internet connection.

I cannot believe how much I grew in the first 3 months of LGU. Sometimes it felt like Shaun taught each lesson just for me. When I started LGU, some areas of my life were honestly a complete mess, but the focus, the momentum, and the new skills I have now make me feel like a brand new person.
— Tamara N.

By Popular Demand, Life Goals University Now Has 5 Unique Membership Levels!

You talked, we listened.

Instead of one pricing and membership level for Life Goals University, we now offer 5 levels - including GREAT package deals for up to 4 family/friends who may want to join LGU with you and our most affordable option yet for full student access to Life Goals University.



My wife, son, and I joined Life Goals University together and it was one of the best decisions we ever made as a family. Not only did it allow us to learn and grow together, but our lives have become WAY more adventurous as a result. I’d HIGHLY recommend LGU and have already done so for so many of our friends. Thank you Shaun!
— Mike R. & Family

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